This game is 18+ and strictly for adult viewing only. Some of the content in this story is potentially triggering so please note the following themes applied in our game:

Violence, Murder, BloodPhysical assaultFictional drug use / Drug mention / Drug SyndicateAbusive and toxic relationshipsExplicit sexual content

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The visual novel, NIGHT/SHADE, is a story about facing and overcoming the toxicity within interpersonal relationships as well as within oneself. This character driven plot explores the complexities of love and loss in the form of a romantic thriller. With the colorful aesthetic of synth-wave and the nightlife of a near futuristic city, NIGHT/SHADE will take you on a turbulent, passionate experience unlike any other.

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Why would a person take someone’s life?

To protect? For love? When you are backed into a corner and have no way out, what will you do then?

Sobena, 2040, the city of neon lights, back alley exchanges, and the echoes of underground clubs. Sasha, a 27 year old drug dealer, has found himself in an aimless cycle of indulgences that he has no intention of addressing.

When he and his best friend, Mishka, are caught in the crossfire of a power struggle between syndicates, Sasha is forced to confront himself and his feelings in order to save those most important to him. The two of them must overcome their immense aversion to change or risk losing everything.


The game takes place in the fusion city of Sobena. While politicians show face, the world of underground crime syndicates truly runs the show. Officers turn their heads the other way to back-alley exchanges, while murders by unknown assailants happen free of investigation if paid well enough. These are some of the many everyday happenings within Sobena's city limits.

You either live quietly with these common occurrences, or, become a part of it to secure your status in this world.



Voiced by Ryan Do

Sasha, a 27-year-old drug dealer. Easy going around most, he can be stubborn, selfish, and mouthy at times. He is very dodgy around being emotionally vulnerable and would rather avoid it altogether. He loves to laugh, eat fast food, and indulge the party scene. he is our protagonist.


Voiced by Will Benzel

Mishka, a 28-year-old assassin who can be obsessive, arrogant, flashy, and cocky. He is very protective of Sasha. When he's not around Sasha, he's often spending his time training his body to keep up with the demands of his job as a hired hitman. He loves knives, arcades, and Sasha.


Voiced by Eddy Yeung

A natural born leader, Dima sits at the top of Strexa's hierarchy as overseer of missions, tasks, training, and communications with politicians. He is trained expertly in hired militia and field agent work, but has resigned that aspect of his business to become the Big Boss of the operations. He is kind, compassionate, and thorough. His kindness...may be his biggest weakness.


Voiced by Nick Koyama

Roman, leader of the crime syndicate Ecto and biggest threat to Strexa. Roman is egotistical and dominating and has little patience for failure. His tactics make him highly successful and dangerous. He is our antagonist.


Voiced by Edward A. Mendoza

Pavel is an amalgamation of all things floral and of the most gremlin energy you'll ever meet. He is loyal, loving, trusting of his friends, and almost always smiling. He can light up an entire room, and has much love to give. On top of that, he's Strexa's top tier drug lord and an irreplaceable king pin in the industry.


Voiced by Jason Larock

Ada, Roman's right hand man and, as some call him, 'The Silent Hound', will always kill first and never ask questions later. He does what he is instructed to do without fault and without hesitation. He is extremely dangerous, do not engage.


Voiced by Bel Rusape

Vadim is a very dedicated worker for Strexa due to his immense trust in Dima, as well as a devoted partner to Pavel. He can be quiet at times and is very level-headed, often seeing the bigger picture and helping maintain an element of humanity in a world that's lacking. Due to Vadim's skill, his job is to personally see to Pavel's safety as the lead drug designer for Strexa.


Pavel's fat cat.

More characters to be revealed!


KINGASPHY is a small indie game studio formed by two artists. With NIGHT/SHADE being the first company project, we aim to bring our artistic vision to life by utilizing the expertise of other artists, designers, engineers, and composers alike. We want to make the content we wish to see in the world by taking daring and intense stories to elevated levels, and combining them with our passionate, skilled artistry. We can't wait to share this with you!


Creative Directors, Lead Artists, Creators, Writers
Logan Kesling & Chaz Grussendorf

Xib Vaine

Music by

Sound Engineering
Arthur Tisseront

UI Design

Luis Fernando De León

Voice Talents

Ryan DoWill BenzelEddy Yeung
Arthur TisserontEdward MendozaNick Koyama
Jason LarockBel Rusape 

More to be revealed!


This visual novel is something that we're extremely passionate about creating. Since we are currently two artists, we contract and commission skilled creatives for the specialty jobs outside of our realm of expertise.

We are looking for interested creatives to help make our game a reality. We will be launching a Kickstarter in the near future, and will be factoring hiring costs into our goals in order to pay our team with the living wages they deserve.

If you are interested in any of the positions linked below, please feel free to email us with your questions, portfolio or resume, and asking rates.

Game production begins in 2020

job opportunities

Below are a list of different jobs we are looking to contract for. If you are interested in any of these positions, feel free to email your resume or portfolio to:


EditorPosition pending
This job is very important since writing is integral to a visual novel. We're looking for someone with writing experience including understanding of grammar, style, perspective, and drama. Romance and thriller themes are the focus. This person is welcome to give feedback to the story and how we approach certain aspects while also maintaining it's true vision. Content will contain explicit scenes and NSFW (18+) story elements.

Sensitivity and Culture CommitteeNo Limit
This job is ultimately to provide culture information. While the story takes place in a fantasy country, it is both western and slavic inspired. We are looking for people who are from / have lived in a slavic nation or have extensive knowledge about the culture in said-country.

TranslatorsNo Limit
The game will originally be written in English, however we would ideally like translations for the following languages as a Kickstarter stretch goal: Russian, Spanish, French, German, Japanese. Additional languages welcome!

Voice Actors
All the voice acting auditions will be announced and open via our Twitter account, so please keep an eye on those updates if you're interested!


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